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Getting Involved


FoTIS is a very relaxed, social group, there's nothing stuffy, bureaucratic or formal about what we do.

We try to have fun at every event we run. Meetings often take place at someone’s house.  It is important to get a good mixture of people involved in FoTIS - mums and dads. Everyone has different time and work commitments so each member gives what they can. For some that might be taking on the daytime jobs that need doing, for others they may only be able to help during the evening or at weekends.


We are grateful for whatever time people can give. There are so many advantages to getting involved with FoTIS, including:

  • Opportunity to meet other parents and make new friends
  • Keeping active (both mentally and physically!)
  • Having a laugh
  • Getting a better understanding of how the school works
  • Getting to know the teachers better
  • A greater sense of belonging to the school community
  • And, of course, raising money for the school

The FoTIS Committee is elected in September each year - this meeting usually takes place at the school one evening. It is at this meeting that we formally elect a Chair, Deputy and Treasurer. We also need a Secretary to minute main meetings and maintain contact lists. If you are interested in taking up one of these positions, please speak to the current FoTIS Chair. We try to make sure that every class in the school is represented by at least one parent on FoTIS to enable greater communication between the committee and the parents at the school gate.

You don't need to come to every meeting. For the big events like the Christmas Fayre and the May Fayre it is all hands on deck, but for the smaller events dotted throughout the year, smaller sub-committees get together to organise those events. We recognise that everyone is busy and so try to meet up as little as possible, and certainly only when we need to. So - no meetings just for the sake of meetings!

If you don't feel that you can/want to commit to being a full time member of FoTIS there are many other ways you can get involved:

Supporting Events

Without your support our events would not be a success. By turning up and taking part we hope you and your children have a great time and that we raise some money as well. Most of our events are open to the whole community, so please encourage friends and neighbours to come along and join in.

Helping Out at Events

The success of the events we run are dependent upon the help and assistance we get from parents. You can help as much or as little as you like (even 30 minutes to help set-up some tables can make a difference). Some people like to help on the day (such as running a stall), others get involved by setting up tents, tables or making up raffle hampers, and others by putting together newsletters or cutting out craft activities beforehand. The adage - "many hands make light work" has never been more true. If you want to get involved, please don't hesitate speak to one of the Committee, most of whom are at the school gate in the morning and afternoon. Alternatively, send us a message to our dedicated email address: