Important Information


Uniform is not compulsory within the school, although it is worn by the majority of children.

Girls :    Winter    Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
                               Red or white blouse / polo shirt
                               Red jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan
                               Red / grey striped tie (optional)
           Summer   Red and white check or striped dress or skirt

Boys     Winter/  Grey trousers or shorts
           Summer    White or grey shirt / white or red polo shirt                
                               Red/grey striped tie (optional)
                               Red jumper or sweatshirt
                               Red or white polo shirt
                               Grey shorts

Available from Bucks Schoolwear Plus, Kingswear Square, Aylesbury

Red fleece    
Red sweatshirt embroidered with school name
Red cardigan embroidered with school name
Red/grey elasticated tie, suitable for boys and girls
Book bag  
PE bag  
Sun hat  

Trainers should not be worn for school.

PE – shorts, T-shirt, and slip on/Velcro plimsolls to be kept in school in a draw-string bag.

All items of clothing and other articles should be clearly named.  It is important to check every half term to ensure plimsolls still fit properly.

If children have pierced ears they should only wear studs to school, and should not wear earrings on PE days unless they are able to remove and replace them by themselves.  For this reason we recommend that if you are planning for your child to have their ears pierced it is done at the start of the summer holiday

Children are allowed to wear a wrist watch as long as it does not distract them from their learning.  No other form of jewellery should be worn to school.