Important Information

Playground Leaders & Helpers

Across our school we actively encourage the children to take a lead responsibility for looking after the school grounds and each other.  

In Reception the children take turns to be ‘handy helpers’.  This involves tasks such as leading the line to another room.

In Year 1 we have assembly door holders, litter pickers and fruit bin monitors to help maintain our clean environment.

Year 2 children, the oldest in our school, have the task of assisting the teachers with jobs such as delivering the registers and letters to all classes on a daily basis, ringing the bell to signal breaks in the timetable and, most importantly, taking the panda bin to classes for those children who have celebrated a birthday during the week to take a balloon from the bin!

Each playtime, designated Year 2 children are playground helpers who volunteer to help teachers on duty.  This involves monitoring the gates and steps, making sure children are happy and included in games, and taking in the empty cups for staff on duty.  These children assist injured pupils to the medical room and ensure the playground is kept free from potential hazards such as fruit peel.

Year 2 play leaders are taught special games each week and are shown how to set out a range of equipment in a coned off area of the playground.  These special areas are for those children who wish to play a range of games across year groups or those who have no-one to play with.  This ensures children always have someone to go to at play time for support and encouragement and come in with ‘thumbs up’, which demonstrates to staff that they have enjoyed the break.