Important Information

Absence & Holidays

Absence from School

Parents are requested to telephone or email the school on the first day of their child's absence.  When in school, a child should be fit to participate in all activities, including outdoor playtime and PE.  If there is any reason to prevent this, a note of explanation to the teacher is required. 

If your child is unwell before school, he/she should be kept at home.  In the case of sickness, the school policy states that 48 hours should elapse after the end of sickness before the child returns to school.

If your child is late into school for any reason, please remember to report it to the office so that your child does not have an unauthorised absence mark in the register.


Children should not take holidays during term time.  Any holiday taken during term time will not be authorised (see Department for Education regulations for School Attendance).




  1. Every Lesson Counts - A Guide to School Attendance