Important Information

2018-19: Journeys of Discovery

This year our Annual Initiative is Journeys of Discovery.

Autumn 2018

'Take one soldier': The story of a soldier from Aylesbury in WW1
11th November 2018 marks the centennial anniversary of the end of the First World War.  There are several memorials to the fallen of The Great War in Aylesbury but we will be looking at the memorial that is located in Holy Trinity Church.  This is a church that Turnfurlong Infant School has strong community links with.  History is often the study of famous people, life changing discoveries and events but it can also be the story of the lives of ordinary people and their families living in extraordinary times.  We have therefore taken the name of one soldier on the memorial at Holy Trinity and to discover more about that soldier and his story.  Our aim is to make his story meaningful to our children and their developing understanding of place, the past and time.

Spring 2019

'It's cold outside': Ice, snow and expeditions
It's frosty and freezing outside but what about the parts of the world that get really, really cold?  What would you take with you on a journey of discovery to the arctic? What wildlife would you see? The children will be exploring questions about all things cold and frosty and sharing stories set in frozen landscapes.

Journeys: British Science Week
We are looking forward to getting involved with British Science Week, a national event for primary schools.

Summer 2019

'Katie's Picture Show': An adventure in art!
'Katie's Picture Show' is the first in a series of stories by James Mayhew. Paintings in The National Gallery come alive when Katie goes to visit and she has some incredible adventures. Where will a leap into a painting take you? Our aim is to stir imagination on a journey through art, story and drama.