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2013-14: Strings & Things

Strings and Things

This initiative had a strong musical element.  All staff and children from Year 2 had lessons in learning to play the violin, viola or cello.  Throughout the school pupils looked at the families in the orchestra and created musical pieces.  In the spring term all of the children from KS1 visited The Royal Albert Hall to attend ‘The Classical Spectacular’, a concert especially designed for young children and consisting of orchestral pieces and firework simulation.

All of the children and adults had a brilliant time at the ‘Classical Spectacular’ event at the RAH.  Choir stall seating enabled us to look down on the orchestra seeing all of the instruments.  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, supported by the band of the Scots Guards, provided the music and two opera singers and a troupe of ballet dancers added to the wonderful production.  The 1812 Overture at the end of the concert was perhaps the highlight.  Children and adults all jumped out of their seats when the cannon blasted and the guns fired.  Fireworks shot around the hall and laser lights and smoke machines added to the effects.  All in all it was a day to remember.
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